Teknic Consulting Indian Language Services
Teknic Consulting Indian Language Services

Bridging the gap...

For centuries, the mosaic of culture and diversity that has been so much a part of the Indian subcontinent has fascinated people across the globe. And many wonder how the vast gamut of languages and dialects coexist in a populace of more than one billion. The Indian Government has officially recognized 18 languages, but there are more than 300 dialects that bind the web of linguistic communities in India. 

In an age where words like Globalization, Internationalization and Localization are used to shrink the world, languages are but a small barrier. Once spanned, the one billion strong Indian population becomes one billion reasons to open the doors of commerce, communication and correlation.


Teknic Consulting LLC, offers translation, interpretation, localization and documentation services for Indian as well as other Asian and European Languages. We are a US based company with a network of linguists across the United States as well as in India.

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